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Complying with complexity

Ensuring compliance of complex national regulations


Our client was happy with the accuracy and convenience of their new system. Also, integrating the new library into other client products opened the door to new lines of business.

Revealed issues

Found new errors previously unknown

Fully compliant

Prevented future validation problems

Enabled new features

Set foundations for other product improvements


San Francisco

Minimum wage laws are complex. Each state, county, and city could have different laws with unique criteria. A large staffing company needed us to make sure they were complying with every national regulation.

  • Java
  • Spring
  • Postgres
  • AWS
Build type
  • Greenfield
Tech stack
  • Front-end engineering
  • Back-end engineering
  • UI/UX
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What we did

Problem within a problem

There’s no central place for all minimum wage laws. And worse, they change. So our research had to be done manually and carefully. For example, minimum wage could be higher or lower than the federal level, or not even set at all.

  • Accurate law requirements
  • New gather and documenting processes

A scalable, inclusive structure

Since laws change, our system needed to be flexible. Some changes are planned, some aren’t. Some simple, others not. Our infrastructure needed to handle all current and future scenarios. Also, the team needed to be trained on new technologies to make the new system more accessible.

  • Extensible platform
  • Upskilled client tea

Exhaustive testing

Especially since dealing with national regulations, we had to test two big things: Was our whole automated concept flawless, and were individual states working?

  • Validated system and set of rules

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